Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby Leggings in 5 Minutes or less

Sewright -Blog by Ruth Yoder
 These are the cutest leggings! And soo easy to make.

 All you need is:
1 pair of socks. I used Knee socks, so my 6 month old little girl will be able to wear these into next year.
Sewing machine.
Thread. (Thought is should mention it.)

 Cut off the toe and the heel sections on both pairs.
 I cut through both at the same time. No time to waste!

 Toss the toe and heel sections, but keep the middle portion and top.

 Fold wrong sides in so you have a cuff.
 Lay with both raw edges facing the same direction.
 Now put your cuff around the long portion of the sock so that all raw edges are facing out as in the picture.
 Pin...not so hard, right?
 Now slip the sock around your machine arm. I took off the extra table surface on my machine. This will stretch the sock while you sew.  Sew around a half inch, pulling while you go around. This is so your threads will not break when you stretch it to put it on.

 I pinked my edges, but you don't really need to, as these socks do not usually unravel.
And here you are. Finished. Now go see how cute they look on your little one.

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