Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wall Hangings

One I had...Trying to keep this one up a little longer! So cute.
 Thanks for all your dinner ideas.  I look forward to the recipes! 
I'm doing a bunch of cleaning today, as it is at least -2F today. Yikes!
These are from Faith, Gracias!

I have so many ideas for St Patrick's Day decor.  These above are my inspiration.   I really love stuff that can hang on our pegs in the living room and hallway.  It's an addiction I think!   
I also really love burlap and linen right now.
 I think that will be the material I will use.  Now, to find some frames to use.  Any suggestions?

 Decor is one of my favorite things. I love wall hangings and table tops. 

 Anytime I would visit my Sister's house, I would feel so at home. I figured it out...she has lots of cute decor!


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  1. I so love burlap too right now.....thanks for visting me the other your blog. xoxo


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