Monday, April 4, 2011

Trim Carpentry...understated

 My husband Andrew is a Trim Carpenter, Furniture Maker.  He and his Father and Brothers work together to do this beautiful work for their company Yoder Custom Design.  
 I sometimes get to catch a peek of what work they have done. This is Beautiful.  Before I was married, I thought

 that a Trim Carpenter put in know, that couple inch stuff that runs around the house next to the carpet? Yea. I just didn't know.
 This is really nice stuff.
 One day, this kinda stuff will be in my house! 

 Can I have these shelves please?
 This is a kitchen window.  A kitchen window!
 I love the crown molding.  What a difference that makes.

 I'll take one of these benches too!
 Just thought I'd share with you.  Happy Monday everyone!
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