Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Gift... Personalized Decorations!

 My friend Missy, pictured here, is painting the R that she traced from the Wooden Name she is making.  Our Friends Mandy and Matt just got married last Saturday. congrats!

 Here's the bag.  Turned out so cute~!

 Next we painted the edges of the letters with acrylic black paint.
 Then we Mod Podged the Scrapbook paper, that we cut out, to the letters. ....

I had a little time, so I did these two letters as well.  I liked them both!

 Close up of the red texture.
 I love how this turned out. It matches their living room. The black is a velour and the red has a nice design to it. Not overbearing. Awesome! Missy packed it in her bag with the personalized R on it.

Congrats Matt and Mandy Reynolds on your Marriage!  As soon as the pictures are up of their wedding on Amy and Jeremiah Photography, I'll let you know!

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