Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rice Hand Warmers

 I think this is such a great idea for anyone, almost any age.  These rice hand warmers are so nice to have in the winter.  Great for the bus stop or a car ride.  I'm going to use them for my little one to hold if the car is still cold.  Also nice when they don't feel well.  We're all just getting over the stomach flu. Yuck.
 I got the crochet circles from etsy here. Super cute, with so many uses.  I used them to glue on barrettes too.
 I double lined the fabric, sewed on the embellishment, added uncooked rice and sewed close.  Heat in the microwave between 10 seconds and a minute.  You'll have to check out your particular microwave time.  You don't want it too hot of course.
 Happy New Year EVERYONE!  Do you have a resolution for 2012?

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