Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gifting Cookies + Dinner

 St Paddy's Day is coming up and this could be a sweet way to give the gift of cookies.
 For Valentine's Day, I made Snicker doodles and put them in this cute pack for my husband. 
 I used wax paper and fabric.  I cut the wax paper to the size I wanted with my pinking shears.  I then did the same with my fabric, just a shorter version so it would slip over top of the paper, and add some flair.

 I sewed up each side and put one inside the other.  Really fun and fast.  I believe the blog Skip to my Lou gave me the idea for the wax paper.

So what's for dinner tonight?  
We're having:
Baked Chicken, sliced over top the Pasta
Monterrey Jack Cheese Pasta (I'm using a recipe similar to this)
French Bread, sliced, buttered, and broiled
Roasted Carrots

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