Monday, May 5, 2014

T Shirt Ruffle

I had a couple of shirts and pieces that I don't really wear.  
I cut a strip off of the bottom of a skirt, ran a gathering stitch (Just a loose big stitch which on my machine is a 4 length) and leaving the beginning and end loose gathered up the piece.  
I cut my red t-shirt into a scoop neck.  
Then I stitched it on the shirt gathering as I went along.

Made for a nice change to a shirt I was never wearing. So many options.
(Please forgive the bad pics as these were taken on an old phone)

And I know, long time no post! In the meantime, I've worked a lot, sewed A LOT, had another baby!, and am enjoying raising the kids.  I have so many posts that I had been working on, but never completed.  I hope to get some of those finished, as well as some new ones.  Hope everyone is doing well!

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