Friday, September 23, 2011

Apple Cinnamon Cheese Rolls

Faith's Apple Cheese Rolls
 My sister Faith made these Apple Cinnamon Cheese Rolls.  They look delish!  I so want to try one!

She sauteed the apples in butter then added a little sugar and cinnamon to the mixture after turning off the heat.  She put it on the crescent rolls after spreading the cream cheese.  She didn't put any sugar in the cream cheese because it was in with the apples.  You can see the rest of the recipe here.  You should definitely try these! I know I'm going to!

 We went apple picking last week at The County Line Orchard.  What a ton of fun! The kids loved it!
Apple Picking
We got $8.00 worth of Apples, but could've picked a lot more!  There were also doughnuts in the shops and lots of jarred goodies! 

Did you get to do everything you wanted this summer? 

 Cute as a Button Baby Tee

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1 comment:

  1. Oh my these look amazing...and to answer your question..No I did not do everything I wanted to do this Summer...which is a bummer indeed!
    Love your apple picking image!


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