Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cute as a Button Baby Tee

 I told ya I'd find use for those buttons yesterday! I had fun making this. And I just put it on Claire, and it's even cuter!  My inspiration was one of these $0.25 buttons.
 Grabbed one of her plain tees, and embroidered on another piece of material. I'd embroider right on the shirt, but I've heard that the threads can rub their skin and irritate it, so I opted for adding this fabric. Hey, I could also use this shirt on a boy...maybe?

Of course I'm putting a pink onesie underneath this for those who think my baby looks like a boy. Poor girl, she gets that a lot.

 Ok, so I also put her in embroidered jeans...gotta make sure they know she's a girl! and P. S. Pink blankets don't help.

What would you do on a baby tee with these buttons? Go here

Embroidered Counting Bean Bags

 A-1 Good 'n Hot Burgers

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  1. So cute, your button-shirt idea! Will follow your blog, i like it ;)

  2. oh my goodness...adorable. oxxoxo Happy new week.


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