Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

 Aren't these cute?

Things you'll need:
Fabric Flower, pulled apart
Hair clip
Hot glue

Cut Ribbon to cover clip. Hot glue on, start from the inside top. Glue as you go, folding it around. 
Hot glue your flower back together, without the stem. I added some gems to the center, but you can also cut the inside part and glue it back on, like the yellow flower above.

Glue your flower to the barrette and your done! So simple, I love it.  You can also clip these to a fabric headband. Very cute!

Aha! Caught her getting into my craft case again. What a stinker. How I love her.

I saw this on: and did my own tutorial. They have a great website. 

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  1. Oh my goodness these are adorable..and so easy! Thank you for sharing...and your little sweetpea is beautiful xoxox

  2. I love these!
    I have made many of them before but, neither of my daughters would wear
    So, I wear them myself!


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