Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Fresh Green Beans from your freezer

Ahh...spring.  I just love that smell of fresh air.  I also love garden fresh vegetables.  Obviously it's too early for vegetables in the back yard, but I made these green beans the other day, and they hit the spot.

8 Oz Frozen Green beans
Bacon Drippings
3 Tsp Brown Sugar
Pinch of Salt

Add frozen green beans to a tbsp or so of bacon drippings.  Cover and let it heat up for 5 Minutes.  Then add sugar and salt.  Pepper is optional.  Uncover and saute until cooked through.

Spring starts Tomorrow!
I've already been to a garage sale, I can't believe they were already ready.  I got a purse for $1.  Super cute.  I went about transferring my things over, only to find 7 Pens & 3 Pencils, not to mention old receipts and bags of snacks for the little one.  Anyone else collect so many of one thing? and not even know it?

Happy Spring to you!

Need a lunch idea?
Chipotle Chili Chicken Sandwich

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