Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Applique for My Baby Girl's Shirt

 My baby just celebrated her First Birthday! It's a celebration of her 1 year, and of 1 year of parenthood for me and my husband.  So many changes just one year.

From feeding every two hours in the early morning hours to her now crawling around trying to find something else to get into and investigate. Standing, and attempting to walk without holding on.  I'll be the first to say...I was soo tired at the beginning.... so tired. And now I'm just tired all the time. Just kidding! 

Things are way better and I really enjoy seeing her change so much.  It's amazing the love you feel for your own child. I love her more than Iced Coffee in the morning. That's saying ALOT! She's absolutely a Daddy's girl already.  She just gets soo excited when she sees him. I love that.  I'd move mountins for my baby if I had to. She's the best. I love her.

Ok, on with this project. I just unburied my sewing machine after it had a week off. 

You need a plain shirt, some scrap fabric with a print on it, and pins. I cut this bunting upside down and couldn't use it, so I'm going to cut out the cat.
 I already loved this shirt because it goes with almost anything...but I need something for my cat.
 After cutting it out, I pinned and sewed around it. Then went back with a zigzag stitch a couple times because my edges were fraying more than I wanted.

 Done! Could this have been easier for such enjoyment? I love it. And as you can see the drool, she really loves it too!

 Fabric Pennant Banner

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