Saturday, August 6, 2011

Freezer Paper Shirt Stencil

 I had seen some things on freezer paper stencils in the past.  I'd never thought to buy any of the paper before.  But it seems all the stars were in alignment, because I finally had everything at the same time, and my daughter was napping. Easy Peasy. 

 Get you some freezer paper in the plastic wrap/foil isle.  My cost $2.29 a couple months ago.  I found a plain shirt and some acrylic paint and a brush.  Find a design that you like and cut it out of the freezer paper. 
 An exacto knife would be good here, but mine was in a box somewhere. 

Iron the paper shiny side down onto your shirt.  I also placed an extra piece of the freezer paper inside the shirt after I ironed so the paint didn't bleed to the other side of my shirt. 

I pulled and tucked the collar of my shirt in, as it was too t- shirt like, to give it a blouse effect.
 Apply the paint to your ironed on stencil.  Let dry for 30 Minutes, then peel off.  Let dry another 24 hrs and then place a cloth over top of your painted design and iron for 10-15 seconds.  This helps it not to fade while washing and drying. 

I sewed where I had pinned, and I was finished.
 I will totally be using the freezer paper again!  I loved this, and I was done before the little one was done napping.

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  1. So simple but adds a nice touch to plain clothes. How long does the acrylic paint last on the fabric after washing? Or did you get a special fabric paint? Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi! The paint has lasted very well. The key is in the ironing. I had another shirt I had done, without ironing, and it has faded some.
      Thanks for coming by!


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