Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Take on Italian Fettuccine Pie

This is the next day, and it was still so good!
I think some of the best recipes happen when you add your own twist. 

This past week, I thought I had cottage cheese in my fridge. Well, I wasn't wrong; but boy was I wrong! It expired Christmas Day. So, being a Woman of hunger and desperation, I decided to substitute a half brick of Cream cheese and used Italian Sausage instead of Ground beef.  What a wonderful change!  We loved it.  I covered the whole top of the pie with sauce, 'cause we're not a fan of crispy pasta.  Still, keep the foil covering this when you bake it. 


My other post with Italian Fettuccine Pie:   It's Pie day!

Here is where I got Betty Crocker's recipe 

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